LaTonya Smiley

Tv Personality | Author | Motivational Speaker | Advocate for Child Sexual  Abuse | Life  Coach

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Broken Momma's Bitter Babies


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Order your copy of this Best Seller,which Latonya will share with you how parenting out of brokenness can cause a mother to produce bitterness in her children. Whether it is a person or a thing if its broken, it WILL NOT operate properly and depending on what it is ,the damage that was caused WHILE IT OPERATED  IN It’s broken state may not be repairable, Brokenness  in mothers begets Bitterness in children who grow up to be dyfunctional adults!

About Me


LaTonya Smiley is a motivational speaker and advocate of child sexual abuse after surviving molestation at the hands of her father which resulted in a pregnancy. She is also a published author and operates her own publishing company named Unbroken Publishing.

  LaTonya is an expert not only in the Areas of what it takes to overcome but she is in a lane of her own when it comes to her teachings of forgiveness after Trauma and helping others to focus on the recovery through the help of Jesus Christ and not the pain of the trauma. 

 LaTonya has been nominated for the Humanitarian award from the Eastern Region International Association of Ministers, Wives and widows . She has received various awards from numerous organizations such as the Storm Rider Award from the Economic Opportunity Commission of Hempstead, A citation from Nassau County and Curtis Eastbrook School in the borough of Brooklyn for her work in empowering women, leadership in the community by ANS Association, excellence in teachings on f Spiritual Health by EYC New York and many others . She has also been interviewed on several radio shows and many blogs. 

My Skills

I am a Spiritual Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor specializing in forgiveness and restoration 

  1. the importance of spiritual health
  2. forgiveness is not a option, it is a mandate to reach your fullest potential in life
  3.  the 4 stages of forgiveness
  4. how forgiveness allows restoration to manifest in your life
  5. how unidentified childhood hurt can hinder your success
  6. the correlation between spiritual health and physical health

My Passions

I love to empower people and see those who have been burned by the fire  of life, come out and not even smell like smoke. I was placed on the earth to teach others the Power Of Forgiveness. Outside of my calling I loveto be with family, reading and crocheting.

The Conversation Room


The Conversation Room is where we just sit and talk. It's a place where you are welcomed to be you. Our show is about inspiring others and encouraging them to never give up!


To provide a no judgement zone for men and women to be emotionally transparent as they speak about sensitive topics through organic dialogue.


To be a Television Show where strength and resilience is displayed

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